Garage Door / Overhead Door Repair

We offer a wide variety of repair services. Look over the list below and then give us a call to get your free estimate!

1429463669Almost everyone and their brothers and mothers has had a garage door that has not worked at one time or another. They can be a pain (and dangerous) to deal with!

When these situations arise, call us at St. Louis Garage Door for a prompt quote or just general guidance. We are here to help!!

You’ll want the experts on your side if your garage door simply won’t open. It could be one of about 50 different things causing this, so let us troubleshoot the situation.

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Garage Door / Overhead Door Repair

The majority of the calls we get are about servicing an existing door. The spring is bad, or you need some new garage door parts but don’t know where to do. Maybe the door fell and something cracked. Maybe a cable broke. Or maybe the garage door is slow, noisy, or just plain broken.

We are 100% committed to proving you with the best level of installation and repair services in the great Saint Louis, MO area.

Our garage door services in St. Louis are some of the top rated services around. Our technicians are trained AND screened prior to employment.

We can repair your door and then explain what needs to be done on a regular schedule to maintain the door. We can accurately and quickly identify nearly any issue related to an overhead door.

Garage door just not working?

If it just doesn’t work like it used to, we can help. With age, your door will begin to rust, get dirty, slow down, get noisy, you name it. We’ve seen it all!!

Sometimes it doesn’t close all the way. Other times it feels like it might be closing too fast or too hard.

Maybe it’s the reverse safety mechanism going out? We won’t know until you call us!

We have an operator standing by 24/7. If we can’t come to the phone, please leave a message.

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We’ll come to your home if you live in west county, south county, north county, Chesterfield Valley, St. Charles, O’Fallon, Lake Saint Louis, and basically anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Saint Louis County.

At St. Louis Garage Door in Missouri we work hard to ensure we earn your trust and your repeat business!

If you need a different service, that’s ok. Give us a call and we’ll help you out.