Commercial Door Repair

Commercial Doors can be tricky. When they’re acting up, you need a professional commercial garage door tech to take a look at the issues. Call us today and we’ll get your businesses’ door tuned up!

A lot of attention has to be paid to the garage door in a commercial building, considering that it is perhaps the largest entry point so far. Bearing that in mind, we must make sure that access to the garage through this point is smooth, with as few challenges as possible.

The idea here is to make sure that easy access goes hand in hand with the overall objective of the work place, to minimize time wastage struggling to get into and out of the garage.

Other than that, it is also important to do this, so that you can get rid of the prospect of accidents at work. Considering the nature of law suits that are normally raised by injured employees, and the financial challenges thereof, there is nothing better than taking all possible precautions to avoid some of these things from happening.

Commercial Garage Door Inspections

In terms of commercial garage door repair, it is always a good idea to get someone who is qualified to inspect the door, run regular maintenance on it and keep monitoring it round the clock to ensure that it is able to handle the tasks that it should. Should there be any problems arising, getting immediate repair or maintenance will be the most reasonable course of action. Other than that, if need be, a new replacement door would also suffice.

Based on studies on different commercial facilities, some of the most common types of doors in the work area normally break down sooner than the ones you have at home. This is because they are constantly in use, some more than a hundred times the rate you use the one at home. As a result of this, commercial garage door repair often features removal of excessive dust and oil, adjustment of the motors, checking for split cables, correcting bent panels, checking whether the torsion spring has been broken and replacing them, looking for faults in the hinges and drums, or perhaps checking for stripped motor trolleys.

Based on the description of problems that garage doors go through above, it is only safe to assume that you will get a professional to check on your garage door in the work place. It is not just about checking the door for some of these errors and malfunctions, but you also get to benefit from the fact that you get proper consultation services with respect to the door that you have.

With an expert technician at your service, commercial garage door repair will not be a pain in your repair and maintenance budget. Besides, if you have a problem with the motor, as most of the commercial doors do, a good technician should be through with the inspection in a really short time, and have your garage door back in operation.

Apart from that, the technician will also check your door for appropriate alignment and balance, lubricate the springs, struts, cables, rollers and drums, and eventually check the force adjustment before eventually adjusting the limit switches.