Cable Repair/Replacement

Garage Door cables can fray or snap. Call us today and we’ll get yours repaired FAST!

Garage Door Cables are Essential to Your System

The garage door system is incomplete without the cables. In the absence of the garage door cables, the continuous extension and torsion that keeps the springs in operation will wear them out faster and within no time, your door will be damaged. The biggest threat that this poses is the fact that it will make it is one of the main reasons why garage door springs normally snap. To prevent this from happening, you need to invest in some high quality garage door cable repair.Of course you will not have to spend so much on repair when you have an expert technician checking on your cables from time to time.

The mistake that so many people make is to assume that they have what it takes to keep the door in good working condition. The problem here is that when things get out of hand, instead of having to replace the cables, you normally end up replacing the entire door.

The importance of garage door cable repair lies in the fact that it offers a safe haven for the spring and the door tracks. Through the cables, the springs have enough support to close or lift up the door. As a result they help in minimizing the tension that the spring has to endure through the lifting process. With proper care and maintenance therefore, you will have the garage system operating better for longer.

Besides, getting a replacement for the garage door cables is also very easy, since they are not as expensive as some of the other parts. There are so many warehouse stores that sell replacement parts for the garage door, and you can get replacement cables for as low as $25.

As a rule of thumb, never try to replace the cables, or conduct any repairs on the door for that matter, with the door lifted up. Keep the door closed at all times. When you are through with the replacement, stand far from the door, at least 15 feet and open the door. This is a good distance to keep you safe just in case you missed something and a spring snaps.